Free to Swim


These lyrics come from the story I told my kids at Easter. My 2 girls are trying to get a grasp on some very abstract and difficult concepts. I was amazed how helpful it was to set it in a new story. Being public school kids familiar with lugging backpacks, they definitely grasped the idea of lugging one full of stones.

Free to Swim

Your grace is an endless ocean

My sin is a backpack full of stones

Your mercy from horizon to horizon

All my stumbles and regrets already known

You say, sit right here in my little boat

Lay your heavy burden down; rest your weary bones

Let’s skip some stones

And all I’ve done, all I will do, all the secrets that I keep

Bounce across eternal water, fall to the deep

And the only thing that changes in this ocean blue

Is a sweet but imperceptible rise

You said that it is finished, I can begin again

No burden left to drown me if I jump right in

And so we swim, we swim, we swim

Now again I sit next to your endless ocean

My good deeds tied in a big bouquet

You motion from horizon to horizon

Yet you smile at me, say child, you’ve done OK

Just climb right back into my little boat

Let’s give your pretty flowers a brand new home

Let’s let them float

And all I’ve done, all I will do, all the good words I will say

Float across eternal water on the giant waves

My meager gift dissolves into your ocean blue

I can rest from all my striving sitting next to you

You said that it is finished and now the fun begins

Hands free of what I’ve gathered, I can dive back in

And so we swim, we swim, we swim

We swim, free to swim, we swim, we swim