Moon Mysteries

Throwing it back to a couple moon poems from the past in honor of last night’s astonishing beauty.img_9265








Kinder Light

Pale silver blue light

From the smaller globe

Birthed by ancient earth

Broken off and perfected by

Fire and force

Lopsided like my mind

At rest reflects illuminating

Ebbs and flows from within

For death follows life and life follows death

Not weak or less — only other

Strong in softness, because of softness

Sourced waves move tight in formation

Hugging the curves

Boring deep into places where

The wide red waves skip by

See the forest clear-eyed when

There is time and quiet for

Eyes and soul to adjust

Still, hold, ponder


Exposing the path without

Blinding the wild imagination

Disappearing, reappearing

Pain and joy

Groaning and laughter

The kinder light of the moon

Shines on without burning



Night Sky Liturgy

I gazed upon the blood red moon

Hung bravely in planet shadow

Imaginations long grown fallow

The prophets of fear cry our doom

Words of desecration strewn

I brace my soul from their bellow

For though my deepest self may know

Lies oft repeated confound the truth

Spring free from the bitter minds

Grabbing power in others’ misery

Search fiercely for another kind

Whose hearts embrace the mystery

Poison words will make us blind

Tune fast to night sky liturgy

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