Bubble-Wrap Free


Some days I wish I had special bubble wrap for my kids – material that was impermeable to hate, yet love-breathable – so I could send them out into this beautiful creation to soak it in without the terrifying risk that entails.

It would also protect their hearts from the damage they are capable of doing to others – for all the wrongs done to me, bundled together, have caused me far less distress than the wrongs I have done to others.

Beautiful, Terrible

Yet, I know that it is new experiences that will give my kids breadth, and it is pain and struggle that will give them depth. So I send them out the door every day bubble-wrap free, and I pray and pray and pray they will return safely to me so we can ponder the new things they have seen and repair the damage done.


And then I pray some more for the strength and courage to do it all over again.

3 thoughts on “Bubble-Wrap Free

  1. um, what happened!!?? PS You are echoing thoughts I’ve had on an hourly basis this week. To protect or not to protect–I know that’s not really the question.


    • I’ve had a lot of questions about what happened.:) Nothing big – just dropped off youngest at church and watched her get majorly snubbed by 2 little girls she knows and then stand there by herself not knowing who to talk to. It all turned out fine because of sweet youth leaders – it was just a moment of heartache, and I wanted to wrap her in bubble wrap and put her back in my car!!


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