Beauty Before Daybreak



Moon & Branches

I took my daughter to school for choir auditions at 5:45. That’s right – it’s Saturday. But, no worries, I got to enjoy this rare January morning sky once again. This morning, I was treated to the additional splendor of the moon. It was setting by the time I got home, but I took this picture peaking through the tree branches before it dipped below the horizon.

It will be rising full again this evening, so check it out.

There are currently 5 bright planets visible in our predawn sky. Something about these little lights and knowing they are dancing around the same sun as us makes me feel expansive and tiny all at the same time. 


I highly recommend setting your alarm just once to see this in the early morning – it’s quiet and peaceful before the world wakes up. Owls might sing to you – they were singing this morning. BUT – if you just can’t do mornings, these 5 planets will be visible in the evening sky mid-August. Mercury and Venus will be sitting low in the western sky at dusk, so you might need to fly to South America to get the full view.:)


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