Keeper of My Heart

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My husband is a connoisseur of gadgets, toys, and cool gear. Given his fine and specific taste in all things manly, he usually chooses his own birthday presents. This year was no exception. So, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and honor him publicly with a song. I wrote this a few months ago but never managed to record it.

In the midst of our current house mess, thanks to a minor kitchen flood, I don’t know where to find all of our recording equipment. So, I went simple – recorded it live in a voice memo on my phone – right in my office. It is pretty raw, but I thought that was perfect because raw is just the way Bret gets to deal with me on a daily basis.

So, happy birthday, my love. Thanks for hanging with me for a quarter of a century.

Keeper of My Heart

When yesterday’s shadows loom so long and so wide

You’re the marker of the edges, my reminder of the light

Sometimes I lose my senses, slip to the other side

But I can’t slip too far before I feel you pull me tight


I know that I look better in the moonlight

And I know I’m more at home in the dark

And you know where I’ve been and everything I am

But you are still the keeper of my heart


If I dive right off a cliff to escape this world we’re in

You meet me at the bottom and put my pieces back again

When the future weighs upon me void of hope and full of fear

You tell me of my dreams – you are the only one who hears


Now I’m flying high but I never fly too far

Because I cease to be myself when we’re apart

Now I’m flying high but I”ll never go far

I am safer with the keeper of my heart, the keeper of my heart

~Written by Alyson Hinkie

16 thoughts on “Keeper of My Heart

    • You should be able to hear it now, Dad – it’s uploaded to the site in the little black rectangle before the lyrics. And, yes, I will send you the songs plus some of my new favorites!:)


  1. What a lovely birthday gift. A song full of untold stories but full of love that many of us can relate to. Thanks for sharing. Happy bday to your hubby 🙂


  2. why, that is just splendid. what a perfect birthday gift. thanks for posting. I love reading your thoughts on life, and now I officially love your mad music skills too. wish Bret ‘happy new year!’ from me…keep sharing your heart. it is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So beautiful!! It is my husbands birthday today. I think I will share this with him and borrow its sentiments. Thank you for sharing! Love, Roslind


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