Sunday Sounds and Selections


Empathy isn’t just remembering to say that must really be hard – it’s figuring out how to bring difficulty into the light so it can be seen at all.” ~Leslie Jamison in The Empathy Exams: Essays

My favorite blog posts this week did just that. Definitely worth a read if you missed them.

  • My cousin, Scott Dalton, wrote an excellent piece on his blog Courage Counts. Shame Never Makes It BetterIt reminds me of my Army days: a hundred successes plus one mistake equals one mistake… Shame kills courage. And we use it like a club”
  • I am deeply grateful to be friends with a beautiful pair of writers, Len and Cindi Woods. I was deeply moved by Cindi’s bold honesty in her blog entry on Woods Words. Black Heart Down“Christian values are peaceful, living them out is bloody violent… Privacy for the purpose of rest and reflection can easily, unwittingly, turn into isolation to nurture unprocessed emotions which, more often than not, will present as anger—the go-to emotion for maintaining a false sense of control.” Amen sister (from me)!
  • From Red Tent Living, blogger Beth Bruno wrote with keen insight and a unique angle about a very tough topic – sex trafficking. I highly recommend this one. When I Saw HerShe has been abused since childhood. Her abuser is gone, but the wounds remain. Physical boundaries have already been crossed so she’s more susceptible to the lines. She believes the lies media has told her: her body is the ticket to really living. Her clothing and demeanor tell the story. The problem is that there is no one to give her a counter story. No one in her life suggesting an alternate reading. I weep on her behalf and tell Jesus about her. Alone in the car, he reminds me that long before I saw her, he saw her. And sees her still.”

This is a fantastic playlist – this week’s reading put me in a contemplative mood. So, if you are in a similar frame of mind, check it out!

Tell me your favorite or share a song with me in a comment. I love finding new music.

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