As You Wish

as you wish

My reading is 80% on my Kindle, but I purchased a brand new hardback copy of As You Wish by Cary Elwes.  No regrets! Some of the tales from the making of The Princess Bride are indeed inconceivable.  I think I actually enjoyed his writing as much as his acting.  While I did not find myself folding multiple page corners or highlighter-happy, this was a fun, refreshing, encouraging read.  Mr. Elwes helped me clearly identify a deep longing I have as an artist – as a human – that is to creatively leave a beautiful mark that is helpful to mankind while collaborating with others.

What these craftsmen – movie makers, actors, artists – experienced in their few months together is a rare gift.  I might never experience anything like it, but it makes me want to consider steps I might take to increase the possibility.

I probably still have The Princess Bride movie memorized.  My siblings and I used to quote it start to finish – by memory – on family trips in the car.  After reading this book, I better understand its magic.  Yes, it is well-acted, imaginative, full of quotables, and hilarious.  But more than that, the hearts of all the people involved in its creation just leap out onto the screen.  Their affinity for one another is palpable.  You can feel the energy and the the fun and the admiration.  It is a classic for the ages because those qualities cannot be damaged by time, and this book is a great addition to that magic.

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