Real Golf, Real Life, Real People


It usually takes more shots than you think it will to get to the target.

The bad shots are as vital to the great-story-telling-over-beers as the fantastic shots.

You just have to laugh when someone falls out of the cart – because it’s really funny.

Friends should tell you you are amazing sometimes.  They should also help show you why when you suck.

You are swinging at an object that is very small. And that is hard.

Failing to meet the goal sometimes makes you normal and easier to play with.

Some days, clubs are going to get smashed or thrown in the pond. Then you get to learn about grace.

Reading a green is kind of like reading the mind of a woman.  You think you’ve got it, but dude, you are nowhere close.

Fate is a real thing.

Swinging hard is more fun than swinging soft.

Getting out of a pit is messy business.

When the rough gets too deep, it’s OK to drop and start over sometimes.

It’s good to travel with a buddy so he can give you a push when you are stuck in the mud.

If you don’t follow through, you end up in the trees.

It’s hard to stay focused on the target when you are surrounded by scary water.

Playing a game you are not very good at can still be fun when you are with people you love.

3 thoughts on “Real Golf, Real Life, Real People

  1. Awesome. One of my favorites… “I hate this game. I hate this game. I hate this game. I hate this game. [“Nice shot!”] I LOVE this game!”


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