Heavenly Laundry

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I secretly enjoy doing laundry – even with 5 people in my household.  The only time I bristle is when my older kids (who are “growing into” being responsible for their laundry) decide to be responsible at 9 p.m. on a school night.  Outside of that, taking dirty things, making them clean, and folding them neatly away in about 2 hours time pleases me week in and week out. The process makes me appreciate contrast – dark/light, lost/found, separation/reconciliation, winter/summer, dirty/clean, pride/humility.

So, what about heaven?  Sometimes I am afraid of a place of perpetual light – eternally found, reconciled, warm, and clean.  How do you keep appreciating something if you have nothing to compare it to?  Will we always remember where we’ve come from? Or, will there still be glorious dirt?  Looking back at my life so far, being assigned to eternal laundry duty wouldn’t surprise me.  I would be reminded daily of the beautiful grace that has pulled me from the mire on more than one occasion. And I know I would not be assigned a job as important as purifying heavenly garments unless it would bring me eternal joy.

I had a dream once that I was tasked to write music using an infinite scale – my ears and my mind had access to all of the spaces in between the notes I hear now.  Also in the dream, I had the ability to create entire languages to find the words that went with all of the new sounds.  Maybe that’s what I’ll get to do while I’m folding robes!

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